A narrative of my day-to-day encounters with the world.

At a very young age, I started working on my online presence. With my inquisitive nature, I was able to work around the different online tools—website builders, content management systems, you name it—and post and write things about me and my life. To me, there was always something so unique about being able to express yourself in the Internet.

But after some years have past, I have slowly drifted away from online writing, particularly keeping a blog. Part of it is because I realized at some point that my writing was not as good as what I would have expected. Also, I have experienced the terror of having old things from my childhood days suddenly pop up and embarrass me. Especially when these are found by my Tita and are reposted on Facebook for her whole wide friends to see. So, it also has something to do with the issue of privacy and the fact that the things you post online are of somewhat permanent nature.

But then, I began to recognize that blogging would help me practice writing regularly, especially that I am planning to pursue a communications-related course, and continue to work on improving it.

I have made several attempts in the past to get back to blogging, but I always have failed at some point. Sometimes something would happen, and I would say to myself, “Oh, it would be nice if I could blog this,” but then end up not doing it anyway. It’s mostly because of the fact that I have many other things to do (a voice within me says, “really?”) or maybe because of pure laziness.

There were times when I would begin to work on the design part, setting everything up, all the online accounts, all the technical stuff, and yet end up completely uninspired to write anything. I want to do things different this time.