Why I love to study the Bible: Psalm 119

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I was raised in a household where the Bible is not just a footnote or an afterthought, nor merely a permanent fixture in church on Sundays. It was known to me as a book for constant study on a day-to-day basis – a framework for living and decision-making.

Over the years, reading and studying my Bible seemed less like an obligation – something that I had to do. It became more like a lifestyle, something I did out of being engrossed in what new thing Jesus would reveal to me today. And yes, there is always something new that we learn whenever we read the Word of God.

This is the reason why in the middle of the constantly changing world we live in, I like to think that may forever sa salita ng Diyos. There is “forever” in the Bible. In the human realm, we are used to things that are temporary or occasional. But if we are to live a blessed or happy life, we must recognize the “forever” in the word of God, which is mentioned a lot of times in Psalm 119.

The Word of God is my treasure forever – Psalm 119:11

Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. (NIV)

When we own or receive a treasure, we are expected to protect it in order that it would not be lost or destroyed. In the same way, we should treat the word of God with utmost importance in the present age. We should not allow cultural Christianity and other modern movements to prevail in our life, where scripture are merely quotations used at will. Most of the times, Christians today spend even more time exposed on other forms of media such as shows on television or the internet in comparison to the Bible.

At the same time, when we own a treasure we are expected to make good use of it. In finance, it is considered a fatal flaw to just leave the money that you have saved up or earned on a piggy bank and allow inflation to diminish its purchasing power. The right thing to do is to place the money in a high-interest savings account and allow it to grow. Similarly, our mint-condition Bibles on the shelf should not remain untouched, waiting for it to decay someday. God’s Word is for reading, studying, and living.

The Word of God is true forever – Psalm 119:144

Your decrees are righteous forever. Give me understanding, and I will live. (HCSB)

The Bible is undoubtedly applicable and relevant in our daily lives. Because of this, it is a must to put our daily devotions in front of any other activity we may have. It does not just suddenly become relevant every Sunday when the pastor or minister stars to share something about the Word. It may have been written 2,000 years ago, but the principles in the Bible are timeless and would be very useful in facing the different challenges the world throws at us in this present day and age.

We do not try to rationalize what the Bible says or try to make it suit our purposes. It is wrong to say that times have changed, and therefore, the “difficult” principles in the Bible which are commonly violated by the world today is permissible. The Word stays true till the end.

When I was still a child, I knew that there is forever in God’s Word – Psalm 119:152

I have known from my earliest days that your laws will last forever. (NLT)

As you could see on the picture above, I have been reading the Bible since I was a child. Now, this is not to brag or anything, but I could attest to the fact that there is really a difference brought by the Bible to a person’s thought process. No matter what the world throws back at you, there always seems to be an answer that you would find in the book. Without a doubt, I have personally seen the reality in the Word of God throughout the short years I have lived. And this I have carried on day after day after day.

This Holy Week, let’s spend some extra time in reading and studying our Bibles. At the same time, we should make sure that our spirituality must not be seasonal like the Lenten season. Let’s be Christians all year round.

Photo by Joy Aseron.